Hello~ You can call me Trina
I'll be 22 this year. Yeah, this feels old.
I'm interested on Japan culture and language, and currently still self-learning Japanese.
(I may post some subs but I can't guarantee it to be perfect. I'm still learning)
, I'm not good in writing. But I rant a lot in Twitter lol.
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Anyway, that's all for now. My post may varies from real life to Arashi, to Gazette, depending on my mood. Perhaps you can look for me at Twitter. Feel free to follow me!

*PS: Gifs not mine. Creds to the owner

1 Litre of Tears - 15 Years Old — The Sickness Sneaks In (Part I)
The Symptoms

Somehow, I've been losing weight these days. Is it because I skip meals to do my homework and free research? I still worry about it, even if I don't want to. I cannot help it but to blame myself for it. Giving out my energy is really exhausting. I wish I could gain my weight a little. From tomorrow, let's take some action so that I won't waste any of my plans on my planning sheets.

It was raining heavily. I hate going to school like this. With the heavy bag, and I need to hold another bag, as well as an umbrella. Yeah, just when I thought about it, my knees became shaky, and I fell on a narrow street, scattered with pebbles, about 100 meters away from my home. I hit my chin badly. When I tried to touch my chin gently, I could feel the sticky blood on my finger. I picked my bags and umbrella that are scattered around on the street, make a right turn and went straight home.

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1 Litre of Tears - 14 Years Old — My Family (Part 2)
My Family

Dad. 41 years old. He has a bit of temper and a little fierce, however he is a friendly guy.

Mom. 40 years old. I admire her. But she is stubborn when we touch the vital points.
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1 Litre of Tears - 14 Years Old — My Family (Part I)
Mary Died

Today is my birthday. I've grown a lot. I cannot think to not appreciate my parents. I'll improve my grades and become stronger so that I won't disappoint them. For that sake, in the beginning of this youth, I will cherish it so that I won't have any regrets later. The day after tomorrow, I'll go camping. I must do well to finish my homework, otherwise, I won't be able to go with a peaceful mind. Go! Go! Aya-chan!
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Work work work

Recently, I've been to caught up with work. Imagine, a 6-10 tasks per day and all of it need to be submitted on that day too. My mind also stopped working due to that. Hahaha. I'm a web developer, so sometimes, I'll come across mental block (I don't know what's the right term to call it). But simply put, I can't think of anything on how to make my code works. Luckily, tomorrow is weekend and there'll be Chinese New Year holiday and also a public holiday, so I can't wait to take a break. Yeah, although I'm just working for an internship position but wow the workload. Lol. Anyway, it's just two weeks left for my final day of working as an internship, then I'll continue my studies. I still got another year to graduate. So, I'll be welcoming FYP :')

FYI, I've been working on videos for karaoke version of Arashi's new album, Are You Happy?. I can't say I'm done with it, as it'll take a longer time for me to finish it because I'll only subs the lyrics when I went back from work, which is only almost 1 hour a day plus the time setting and all, but pray for me that I'll be able to finish it soon.

*PS: I think of writing the subs for 1 litre of tears novel that I'm currently reading, but it takes time for me to sub the whole book. I'm not good in Japanese, but I'll try. Hehe

A weekend of drawing, knitting and subbing
It had been quite some time now since my last post. So yeah, this weekend I'm back at drawing after quitting it a few years back. So I did draw Arashi members and Hizaki from Versailles. Yeah, and I draw without faces cause right now I'm bad at it. Hahahahha. I also did draw something for Aiba-chan's birthday, but I just posted it on my twitter as I think it's too ugly lol.

And I did some knitting too. Learn it from my mother. Maybe I'll make a sweater or something that looks like sweater lol

I've subbed quite a lot of videos, but I'm having doubt in uploading it. As my Japanese is really bad. I'm making subbing as my learning platform cause it was fun to subs video of them. Anyway, please pray for me so that my Japanese will improve and maybe I'll post my work here.

So, here's some of the drawing that I draw.
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Happy 17th Anniversary! (15/9/2016)

Yeayyy! After 17 years they are still standing tall. I am really glad for that. I see most of the communities upload a lot of video to celebrate it. Luckily I am on my holiday tomorrow so I can watch it tomorrow! A whole day full of arashi!

They really mean a lot to us ne~? Oh for the ParaPawa secret talk, I heard it yesterday when I was at the office. It was really hard for me to hold back my laugh and I can't even stop smiling πŸ˜‚ It was like you received a sweet texts from your loved one or something. And they are my loved ones 😊

Well for celebrating their 17th anniversary, I'm just gonna share my favorite screen cap from their Japonism Concert and some of the photos from the booklet. There are tons of it but I need to choose right? πŸ˜‚ From there, you will see how bias I am towards Ohno-kun. Well, he is my ichiban anyway πŸ™Š

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The Perks

Well, as you all know, today is the day for the release of their 50th single album, "Power of the Paradise"(PawaPara). And to be honest, I'm not even done with the "Japomism Concert" fever. And lets not forget, next month they will also release their album, "Are You Happy?". Wow, hayai ne? πŸ˜‚

This also means that even more money to be spend on buying it πŸ˜‚ However, I never feels that it was a burden, you know, spending an amount of money for them. In fact, I'll buy it willingly, just to show my support to them. To me, all of it was worth it. Their products is really worth buying.

Whenever I'm feeling down, watching them, hearing their songs, it'll really boost my spirits. Well, their songs really do have a wonderful meanings. That's why I am addicted to them.

With that, lets continue on supporting them. If their album is asking "are you happy?", I'll definitely answer, without a doubt, yes I am, especially after knowing them πŸ’ž


Finally!! My present arrived on MatsuJun's birthday. This really made my day. After a day full of stress yesterday, this will really cheer me up πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸŒΈ Oh and the photos from the photo booklet is really nice. I'm in love all over again πŸ’•

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I must say, the Japonism concert was really superb πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I feel like crying while watching it. Their solo performance was the best!! I know I would love this concert as much as The Digitalian concert. Well, maybe a bit more 😍 Anyway, I can't wait for my DVD to arrive. I just fall in love again with them 😍😍😍 Now I wanna wait for someone to sub the concert πŸ˜†


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